The making of Major Glad, Major Dizzy | by Jan Oke



PHOTO 1 | Melanie Mouse, who plays the part of 'Percival'

PHOTO 2 | Jack Oke (just seen in background) trained the mice to be fearless performers in front of the camera. Here Ian is shooting the scene in which Percival and Wilfred discuss whether to eat Major Glad's head.


PHOTO 3 | The adorable Trudie, picking fonts for the text of Major Glad, Major Dizzy.

PHOTO 4 | Ian and his wife Wajeeha, encouraging their daughter Jem to post keys through the floorboards!


PHOTO 5 | Barney Nolan helps his dad prepare the room for set-building.

PHOTO 6 | Ian attempts to control the flames consuming Amelia's sampler, as he shoots the scene in which Majors Glad and Dizzy stamp out the fire under the floor, during the Blitz. Propped against the beer bottle is a reflective card, which bounces light back onto Dizzy.



PHOTO 7 | The 1901 set was built during daylight, but shot after dark.


PHOTO 8 | Photographing the original toys, for the back cover of Major Glad, Major Dizzy.